Square Line Downpipe

Square Line Downpipe - 65mm x 65mm x 2.5m - Available in white, green, brown, quarry grey, black & sandstone.

Square Line Downpipe Clip

Square Line Downpipe Clip - available in 6 colours.

Square Line Off Set Bend

Square Line Off Set Bend 112deg - available in 4 colours.

Squareline Downpipe Connector

Squareline Downpipe Connector to fit 65mm square downpipe -  in 4 colours

Square Line Bend

Square Line 90deg Bend in White 65mm

Square Line Downpipe Shoe


Square Line Downpipe Shoe in Black 65mm

Downpipe Adaptor

GUT26 23359
Adaptor used to modify aluminium guttering to accept plastic downpipe.  Drill a 30mm hole in the base of the gutter, insert the adaptor, seal with silicone, attach gutter end caps and a downpipe.

Downpipe Adaptor Square to Round

Squareline Downpipe Square to Round Adaptor - white only