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Gas & Gas BBQ's
There is currently a product recall on 6kg Propane Lite bottles dated 2008 to 2011.  Please bring your bottle in and we'll exchange it for a full one.  You can tell if it has already been checked if there is a hole in the metal ring at the top, so no need to change.

Camping Gaz 904 + 907

Collect in store only!

Camping Gaz (with bottle to exchange) -

904 - £28.95 ............. 907 - £32.15  If you haven't a bottle to exchange you need to buy the bottle - price 904 - £50.75 ...........  907 - £58.75 - this is on top of the fill price.

Total to buy from scratch 904 - £79.70 ..................... 907 - £90.90

Calor Gas

If you don't have a Calor bottle to exchange, there is a bottle hire charge of £39.99 for all bottles except for 19kg Propane which is £59.99 on top of the gas price.


Prices with bottle exchange:-

Propane 3.9kg                   £16.00

Propane 6kg                      £21.00

Propane Lite 6kg              £24.00

Propane 13kg                   £28.00

Propane 19kg                   £34.00

Butane 4.5kg                    £17.00

Butane 7kg                       £23.00

Butane 12kg                    £28.00

Butane 15kg                    £36.00

Patio Gas 5kg                  £21.25



Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ


 Collect Only.

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ- 2 in 1 portable LPG BBQ and cooker. Includes die cast non stick BBQ top - nickel plated pot stand and recipe book - integrated lid and thermometer - gas control valve with auto piezo ignition - storage/carry bag.

Cadac Safari 2LP

Ideal for 2 people!
Cadac Safari Chef 2LP BBQ - complete with lid that turns into a wok!  4 interchangeable cooking surfaces - camping stove, fat free BBQ, non stick BBQ Grid, non stick flat grill plate - weighes less than 5kg - dishwasher safe - complete with carry bag.

Cadac Auto Pro Stove

Cadac Auto Pro Stove - lightweight, compact, stabel stove with serrated pan supports for extra stability.  Automatic piezo ignition - powerful burner with precision flame control - operates directly from all EN417 threaded gas cartridges (not included)

BBQ Windshield

BBQ Windshield Foldable c/w Carry bag

Camping Gaz C206 Super

Collect in store only!
Camping Gaz C206 Super

Camping Gaz CV300 Plus

Collect in store only!
Camping Gaz CV300 Plus

Camping Gaz CV470 Plus

Collect in store only!
Camping Gaz CV470 Plus

Cadac CA500 Gas Cartridge

Collect in store only!
Cadac CA500 Gas Cartridge - with threaded top.

Coleman Propane Fuel

Collect in store only!
Coleman Propane Fuel - 1.17L

Butane Cartridge - Pack of 4

Collect in store only!
Butane Cartridge Pack of 4

Butane CV360

Collect in store only!
Camping Gaz Butane CV360 Cylinder